Mosa TS 275 EVO Control – Diesel Welder Generator


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Mosa TS 275 EVO Control – Diesel Welder Generator

MOSA’s brand new TS EVO 275 is an absolute workhorse. It is one of the best in the industry. Its high welding current output combined with its plethora of auxiliary output sockets make it the ideal solution for mobile welders and maintenance teams. There are few jobs that we can throw at the TS EVO 275 that it won’t bat straight out of the park; be it a basic repair job, hard facing a digger bucket or fabricating a structure this machine will do it… all whilst not skipping a beat.

A notable feature is that it has a large fuel tank capacity of 38 litres, which means that it can run for a 11 hours continuously even at 100% welding current. That means less stops for re-fuelling and therefore more work getting done.

It is equipped with an ever so reliable Kohler KDW703 diesel engine with three phase asynchronous alternator.

MOSA TS 275 EVO CONTROL is the front panel that using an analog control allows to have features mandatory for users:

  • Current control
  • Arc-force control
  • Half scale to increase the precision of the current control


  • D.C. Arc welding source
  • Electronic regulation of welding current and arc force
  • Welding control panel “EVO CONTROL”
  • A.C. generator, available in both single-phase and three-phase, also operational during welding
  • Engine control digital module for precise control
  • Bunded base for containment of any spills or leaks
  • Base plate with forklift pockets for easy transportation
  • Canopy with large opening to facilitate maintenance tasks such as replacing air, oil, and fuel filters
  • Large fuel tank for extended operation
  • Fuel level sensor for monitoring fuel levels
  • External plugs for convenient oil and water drainage
  • Emergency stop button for immediate shutdown in case of emergencies
  • Central lifting eye for easy lifting and transportation
  • Wide access for simplified maintenance procedures
  • Meets EC/UE directives to comply with European safety and regulatory standards


Specification Value
Stand-By net power 10.3 kW (14 hp)
PRP net power 9.3 kW (12.6 hp)
COP net power /
Cylinders / Displacement 2 / 686 cm³ (0.686 lt.)
Bore / Stroke 75 / 77,6 (mm)
Compression ratio 22.8 :1
BMEP (Brake Mean Effective Pressure : LTP – PRP) /
Speed governor type Mechanical
Fuel Consumption
110 % (Stand-by power) 3.8 lt./h
100 % to PRP 3.4 lt./h
75 % to PRP 2.6 lt./h
50 % to PRP 1.9 lt./h
Cooling System
Total system cap. – only engine lt – 1.1 lt
Fan air flow 72 m³/min.
Lubrication system
Total oil system capacity /
Oil capacity in sump 1.6 lt
Oil consumption at full load /
Exhaust System
Maximum exhaust gas flow 2.2 m³/mim.
Max. exhaust gas temp. 540 degC
Maximum back pressure 60 kPa (0.6 bar)
External diameter exhaust pipe /
Electrical System 12 Vdc
Starter motor power 1.6 kW
Battery charging alternator cap. 40 A
Cold start – 10 degC
With cold start aid /
Air Filter Dry
Combustion air flow 1.02 m³/min.
Heat Rejected at Full Load
To exhaust system /
To water and oil /
Radiated to room /
To charge cooler /
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Mosa TS 275 EVO Control – Diesel Welder Generator

Mosa TS 275 EVO Control – Diesel Welder Generator


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